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Lola’s Tiger


I’m Lola, a Chicago native, with the heart and soul of a southern girl. (I spent my summers and attended college in Mississippi).  I recently became a new wife and first time mother at the age of 37, which shocks me at times, because I was never sure I wanted to be married and was never really into babies. After seeing some of the things that went wrong in my parents marriage, gaining closure on abandonment from my father, becoming secure and confident in who I am (I was a late bloomer), developing patience, learning what I can and can not tolerate in a relationship after a couple close calls – including calling off a wedding 3 weeks before the wedding date *gasp*- I finally decided that I was ready to spend the rest of my life with someone. And here’s the best part: we made a cute little baby boy who one of the ladies at his former daycare dubbed Tiger.

Since then, I have become obsessed with all things baby. The best products, equipment, development, breastfeeding, babywearing, sleep, thrift shopping and selling, etc. (Even the gross stuff like snot, b.m.’s and various other bodily functions.)

I have struggled to find a balance between being the best mom I can be while working full time and trying not to totally let myself go in the process.

I have grappled with the double standard of the roles of men and women as it relates to parenting and the low expectations of fathers in our society.

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Tiger’s Day Out with Thomas + I Miss My Weekends!!

Happy Monday y’all!!  I am struggling today.  One of the biggest adjustments for me since becoming a mom has been my WEEKENDS!!  Every Monday I go to work feeling UNrested, UNrefreshed and wishing there was an extra day in the weekend to just sit the hell down and relax.  But if there was an extra day, I would probably still be tired because I would spend it running around with Tiger.  Which I would rather be doing than working – but I would still be unrested which is what I’m complaining about LOL.   ANYHOO – I love spending time with Tiger on Saturday and Sunday – but I’m not going to lie – I miss laying on the couch under a comforter, being a bum and watching mind numbing television for most of the day.   Television – we will meet again in 18 years – I promise.  I’m sure Real Housewives will still be showing marathons in 2034, right??  Continue reading “Tiger’s Day Out with Thomas + I Miss My Weekends!!”

Tiger and the Yeastie Boys

Poor Tiger… as I mentioned in my previous post, he has had a rough couple of weeks.  We noticed recently that whenever it was time to be changed, he cried and fussed way more than normal.  His penis got red, swollen and irritated and there were a few bumps that formed on his scrotum.  At first I though it was a diaper rash, or a side effect of a steroid cream we used to separate a penile adhesion, but I wasn’t sure, so I called his doctor and they told us to bring him in so they could have a look.  His doctor immediately diagnosed him with a yeast infection. Continue reading “Tiger and the Yeastie Boys”

A Perfectly Happy Day with Tiger

I feel like I’m always going on about how hard it is to be a parent and the surprises and unexpected struggles we face daily – but I never really comment on when I have a perfectly happy day with Tiger. One of those days when everything goes right and you bask in the love you have for your little one. I often have these days and thought it would be refreshing to share that side of mommy life. Continue reading “A Perfectly Happy Day with Tiger”

Before and After – It’s Not Just About Weight Loss Anymore

There, I have finally admitted it, and now you have the visual evidence to prove it.  I actually laughed out loud as I wrote that because of course, I know that my lack of perfection it is not a news flash to ANYONE.  But for some reason, it’s a big deal for me to admit – that’s why posting this “before and after” pic is so monumental for me.

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Tiger spotted a banana on the kitchen counter and pointed to it and said “nana” while frantically signing the word “more.”  I peeled back the banana, and he devoured it in about 3.2 seconds.  He kept saying and signing “mo,” so I handed him the empty peel so show him that it “all gone.”  He wouldn’t accept that, and took the peel and proceeded to suck any remaining “nana”  remnants from it.  I love that he loves food, but I’m worried what our grocery bill is going to look like in a couple years!

Kale Delight

Wanted to make a veggie for Tiger’s lunch since he’s eaten green beans with his food all week.
Washed and cut up some kale. Chopped up some onions.
Heated up some olive oil and sautéed onions.
Added kale and sautéed until leaves wilted.
Prepared to chop up kale for Tiger’s lunch the next day.
Spotted a white worm in the kale.
Threw the entire pot of kale away.
Put leftover green beans in Tiger’s lunch.

WTF! I Still Have Not Lost My Baby Weight

I still have not lost my baby weight!!  I guess after a year and 3 months since giving birth, I shouldn’t be calling it baby weight anymore.   It’s just fat at this point.  I’ve run out of excuses.  I can no longer say – “I just had a baby” and instantly get that sympathetic, understanding nod. The last time I pulled that, the person (a trainer at the gym because I was slacking on an exercise) asked “how long ago?”  I responded in almost a whisper “a little over a year.”  He then gave me a very UNsympathic look and proceeded to make me complete whatever crazy crossfit workout we were doing at the time.

I am 30 pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight and it bothers me every day.  Continue reading “WTF! I Still Have Not Lost My Baby Weight”

Baby Breakfast: Overnight Oats

I’ve been pretty lucky with Tiger *knock on wood* as far as his eating habits are concerned.  He likes a wide variety of foods and has a healthy appetite.  Sometimes I wonder if he eats too much!  (At this stage I guess if you’re going to have a problem, that’s a good problem to have.)  He eats three meals and 1-2 snacks a day.  By far, his favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  When we found out Tiger has an egg allergy, I was concerned with what we would give him for this important meal.  Continue reading “Baby Breakfast: Overnight Oats”

How I Cleared Up Diaper Rash

When Tiger was about 4 months old, something I had been dreading happened: he came home from daycare, super fussy and irritable with some serious diaper rash.  Continue reading “How I Cleared Up Diaper Rash”

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